Thursday, May 19, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I am struggling... and need some help.  I have 4 races lined up that I want to run.  I just can't figure out if I want to run the Half or the Full on each.  They races are:

Run For Life - October 15
St. Jude - December 3
MS Blues - January 7
Mardi Gras Rock n' Roll - March 4

I know I want to run the Half Marathon in October (Run For Life), but the other races I have not decided... I am worried about having enough time off to recuperate before training for the next.  I may end up doing the half on all but one.  Any suggestions?  If I choose to do one full, which should it be? 

Anyone interested in running any of the races with me?


  1. I believe I have decided to do Half-Marathons for Run for Life, St. Jude and MS Blues and attempt my first FULL Marathon in New Orleans!!

  2. Your decision is what I was going to recommend. You can use the halfs for training runs for the full in New Orleans. I really want to do the Mardi Gras Full.

    Great job on the blog so far! Just found it today!